Halloween: Just your average 1965 teen with Beatlemania

For Halloween this past year, I brought my fandom to life… I dressed as a 1965 teen with Beatlemania! My costume consisted of light pink oxfords, black tights, a black pleated skirt, a baby blue collared button-up, “The Beatles” white crew neck purchased off of Amazon and most importantly, binoculars. I gotta get a good view of those mop tops!


My friends and I celebrated Halloween with food, games and laughter. The night concluded with a costume contest, which was won by yours truly.



    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I am still so amazed that you saw them live during all the mania! To think girls were passing out left and right! I saw on your post that John is your favorite Beatle. Do you have a favorite song or album?


      1. What a special time to hear such a beautiful song. Was this a road trip across the US? I enjoy Hey Jude as well. I am happy Paul keeps this number in his setlist for his concerts. Singing along “na, na, na, NA NA NA NA!” with a crowd of thousands is powerfully moving.


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