Beatles Tribute Night at the Ball Game

August 25th, 1966, The Beatles performed at the Seattle Center Coliseum. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historical concert, the Seattle Mariner’s hosted a Beatles Tribute Night at Safeco Field last summer! My boyfriend and I teamed up with another couple to celebrate the event.

My dad had a clever idea to wear t-shirts that spelled out Beatles-themed words. We would proceed to create 3 sets of shirts where every 3rd inning we would peel off a layer to expose a new word. Starting off the night, we spelled “LOVE” and captioned the photo “[g]love is all you need.” Come the 3rd inning, we revealed our next layer which spelled “PAUL” and captioned the photo “take me out to the PAUL game.” By the 6th inning, we displayed our final layer, “HELP,” which unfortunately was needed for the Mariner’s by this point in the game.

Along with our t-shirts, I created popsicle-stick heads with The Beatles in 1964, 1969, and Paul aging from 1964 to 2012. In total, we had 12 of these popsicle-stick heads and eventually passed them out to other fans seated in our section.

The Seattle Mariner’s gave out Beatles themed fleece blankets at the game, which you can see pictured below:


I am not sure which is greater – the amount of times I danced to Beatles music this night or the amount of times we were captured on the jumbotron!


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