Beatles & Fireworks in Anacortes, WA

To celebrate the 4th of July last year, my boyfriend, some close friends and I went up north to the beautiful Anacortes, WA. For those who do not know, Anacortes is a quaint and beautiful coastal city in the northwest region of Washington state. The city has unique charms to it, one of which includes the Anacortes Cinema. This is a historical looking movie theater, decorated with large murals illustrating iconic characters from classic films. I went for a little scavenger hunt, hoping to find a Beatles mural… I was thrilled to stumble upon a replica of the Yellow Submarine from The Beatles 1968 animated film:


Another gem we were lucky enough to come across was Alley Cat Antiques. This store has a plethora of antiques ranging from home decor to clothing, but most importantly, music. Naturally, I began to dig through their vinyl selection in search for Beatles records. Once I came across an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Beatles HELP! on vinyl, I knew I needed to purchase it. However, before purchase, my friends, who are far more rational than me, brought up a good point that perhaps the vinyl quality was damaged or no good. The store owner was kind enough to set up an old record player to test the quality of the record. We all anxiously awaited for the result and the second we heard the beginning of “Ticket to Ride,” we all screamed with joy and sang along. What a successful thrift shop find!


Inside the vinyl cover includes film stills from the movie:

The evening concluded with a fireworks show by the water. Once we arrived at the venue, to my surprise, there was a live band covering Paul McCartney and The Wings’ “Band on the Run” and up next was “With a Little Help from My Friends” by The Beatles. It was a 4th of July celebrated with loved ones, fireworks and Beatles memorabilia… all with a little help from my friends.



  1. I enjoyed reading your post and would echo the concerns of your friends re damaged Beatles vinyl… especially since lousy record players had ruined my copies. When converting over to CDs, my goal was to own the complete Beatles catalogue… all of their non-bootleg, studio recordings. I wound up with 13 albums + 2 Past Masters compendia (tracks that had never made it onto LPs). A bit of trivia… a start to finish playback of the Fab Four’s entire, officially released discography (in the UK released song order) tracks out a few minutes shy of 10 hours.

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    1. Thank you for reading, great to connect with you again! Wow – sounds like you have quite the collection! I have a few albums on CD and some compilation CD’s (ie 1). I am working on building my vinyl collection, though! Currently I just have this HELP! record, Abbey Road and the White Album… patiently waiting for the new Sgt Pepper’s reissue box set to come out too! I know it is hard to choose, but do you have a favorite album?


    2. Yeah, yeah, yeah… your “Q” is tough to “A”! Free association oft offering up a clear window to the mind/soul, that’s how I determined Abbey Road (the soundtrack to my high school sophomore year) to be my #1 choice. This LP attained even deeper significance when the Beatles disbanded by springtime 1970. To read the same Abbey Road record review (which I’ve stashed right inside my copy’s album cover):,33009,901527,00.html

      Keep on posting! Your blogs are proof positive that the Beatles have weathered the test of time… that there’s an enduring, intergenerational handing off of the brightly lit torch.

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      1. Abbey Road is one of my favorites too! (I juggle between Abbey Road, Revolver and Rubber Soul as my top 3). You Never Give Me Your Money is one of my favorite songs. That TIME article is amazing, and the fact that you have an original of the article with your record is even more incredible! What a treasure. It is neat to look back and read that article as it’s written in present tense – makes me feel like I lived it too! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the encouragement, I am very happy to have an engaged audience to share my passion with!

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