Meeting “Yellow Submarine” Animator Ron Campbell

Everyone at my work knows that I am a HUGE Beatles fan… even the mailman! You might be wondering – how does our mailman know about my Beatlemania? Well, a couple of months ago, my coworker and I decided to have a little screensaver competition at our desk jobs. My coworker, being a Pink Floyd fan, decided to put a picture of the band as her computer screen’s background while I used a picture of The Beatles for mine. We then went on to ask our coworkers, including the mailman, to vote on which screensaver they preferred. This sparked a conversation with our mailman, for he was surprised that someone as young as myself could be such a dedicated fan. (oh and for the record, my screensaver won by a landslide).

Anyways, one day in April when our mailman dropped in, he gave me a newspaper article advertising an art showing for animator Ron Campbell at the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery in Bellevue. Campbell has had an incredible career of 50+ years in the animation field. Some of his credits include The Smurfs, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, and what caught my eye the most, The Beatles animated TV series and animated 1968 film “Yellow Submarine.” I had to go see his work!

R.C. 1

All artwork pictured was created by animator Ron Campbell and displayed at the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery.

Campbell’s art showing included original works from “Yellow Submarine” and provided the opportunity to meet the animator himself. To my surprise, he did not meet a single Beatles member while working on the TV series and film. He actually created his work abroad at his home in Australia at the time, while the Fab Four was busy pursuing their own work (AKA blessing our ears and souls with the greatest music of all time). Not so surprising, one of Campbell’s favorite Beatles songs is “Yellow Submarine.” Campbell was warm, inviting, and passionate. It was an honor to meet an animator who has shared his art with the world all these years.