[Whistler]-ing Words of Wisdom…

This past weekend, some family friends and I visited the beautiful Whistler, Canada! It was a lovely getaway and to my pleasant surprise, it included a few Beatles charms along the way.

On our first full day of the trip, we decided to take the gondola up the mountains. With the weather treating us right, I was able to wear my Meet The Beatles! t-shirt which I recently scored on a shopping trip to the Japanese clothing store, Uniqlo (which were only available in the men’s section). Check out my shirt below, standing in first place!


“GOLDen slumbers fill your eyes” ❤

While I wanted to strut around the mountain tops of Canada all day in Beatles spirit, it did become colder the higher up we went, so I had to put on a sweatshirt eventually.

Later that evening, I spotted a silly shirt from a souvenir shop in the Whistler Village:


They all appear to be “bear” foot in this rendition of Abbey Road.

Last but not least, on our last full day of the trip, we went to the Farmer’s Market in Blackcomb Village where we spotted a “punny” popcorn stand: Sargent Poppers Kettle Corn. Sadly, I was running pretty low on cash towards the end of the trip and had to pass on the kettle corn. But it sure smelled good and had a great name.




Halloween: Just your average 1965 teen with Beatlemania

For Halloween this past year, I brought my fandom to life… I dressed as a 1965 teen with Beatlemania! My costume consisted of light pink oxfords, black tights, a black pleated skirt, a baby blue collared button-up, “The Beatles” white crew neck purchased off of Amazon and most importantly, binoculars. I gotta get a good view of those mop tops!


My friends and I celebrated Halloween with food, games and laughter. The night concluded with a costume contest, which was won by yours truly.

Mortar Board-Mania: My graduation cap in Beatles theme

When graduation season came around, I immediately started brainstorming how I wanted to decorate my cap. Obviously, I knew I wanted it to be Beatles themed. After much thought, I decided to go with some of my favorite lyrics: Let it Be. A friend and I went to a local Michael’s art supplies store where we found gold sparkly letters, 3D flowers and a “groovy 60’s” themed scrapbook decor set that included an acoustic guitar. Perfection!


Not only is Let it Be a beautiful song that makes me ugly cry every time I hear it, it is also a motto of life I need to live by. Post-graduation brings immense pressure and curiosity as to what my next move in life will be. I just have to keep moving forward, pursuing things I love and Let it Be.