One Degree of Separation from Paul McCartney

Back in November, a few coworkers and I volunteered at an event to raise money for a charity. At this event were donors from the world-renowned video game company, Bungie. For those that don’t know, Bungie created the videogame Destiny in which Paul McCartney helped compose music for the game. One of his many contributions was his original song for the game “Hope For the Future.” The second I discovered that employees from Bungie were at the event, I made it a goal for the evening to chat with them and ask if they personally worked with Paul during the project.

For the sake of privacy, I will not list any name or gender of the employee I spoke with; I will neutrally refer to them as “X”… It wasn’t until the very end of the event when my coworker and dear friend encouraged me to finally approach the group of Bungie employees.

Me: nervously “Hi, this is kind of random, but umm… I’m a really big Paul McCartney fan…and I, uhh–“

X: “OH my goodness – Paul is SO sweet!”

Me: speechless

X: “I never met him in person, but I communicated with him via email”

X went on to talk about how kind Paul is and what a treat it was to have him work on their project a few years back. Our encounter was short and ended with an endearing hug and me in theatrical tears. See below for an action shot:


My coworker and dear friend is a firm believer in energies and world connectedness. As he put it – I was so overwhelmed with joy because I “dabbled in Paul’s energy.” After all, I was only one degree of separation from him at that moment in time.


A Balloonist Made me Sir Paul Playing Bass!

Back in May of 2016, I had to pick up my cap and gown for June graduation. To my surprise, there was a professional balloonist at the pick-up station. He was creating fun animals and Husky spirit objects for soon to be graduates. When the balloonist asked what I wanted, all I could think to say was “I don’t know… I am a really big Paul McCartney fan.” He continued to chat with me, asking which parts of Paul’s life-long career are my favorite. I went on to explain that I appreciate every aspect of his career (The Quarrymen, The Beatles, Wings, solo work and collaborations) and also the work he continues to do in the present. As we spoke, I began to catch on that he was making me a Sir Paul with his balloons! Not only did he make Paul, he even made him playing a UW colored bass! Needless to say, I carried the balloon with me all over campus that day and even showed it off to other students in all of my classes.

Clearly, Paul is my favorite Beatle. Who is yours?


I hope Paul is ambidextrous…